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Find instructors and proctors in your area. Prior to registering or paying for a class or exam, examinees are encouraged to verify that the individual is a valid Certified ServSafe Instructor and/or Registered ServSafe Proctor. ServSafe does not determine instructor or proctor fees.

Please note: A Registered ServSafe Proctor must be physically present in the room to administer your exam. Remote-proctoring of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam is not an authorized service of independent Registered ServSafe Proctors.

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To see 教练/监督s that may be actively offering classes and exams in your area, click on "Advertised Classes/Exams". You can then select the number to see exactly where those classes are being offered.

如果这样不行的话, you can call the individual 教练/监督 at the phone numbers they’ve listed on the site, to see if they have classes/exams in your area. Click on their name to see their contact information.

请注意, 这些人 are not authorized to sell, 做广告, and/or teach National Restaurant Association Solutions courses (i.e., ServSafe) nor administrate/proctor any National Restaurant Association Solutions exams. Please notify us immediately at (888) 291-6462 if you become aware of anyone on 这个列表 engaging in these activities.

The 教师/监考 listed on are not employees, 代理, contractors or representatives of NRA Solutions or any NRA Solutions' affiliated entities. Listing them or their Web site listings on the NRA Solutions' Web site is done as a courtesy and as a possible resource to the reader, and not as any endorsement by nor any legal responsibility for their work or actions by NRA Solutions.